CCFP Exam 105 Key Topics Podcast

Studying for your Family Medicine Board Exam?
The intention for The GenerEhlist CCFP (or CFPC) exam podcast is to focus on the 105 key topics and objectives. Have a listen to the podcast on any of:

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Recent CCFP Topic Posts

CCFP 105 Topics: Osteoporosis

Check also the CCFP 105 Topics: Periodic Health Assessment Part One and Two episodes.   So, first things first: Who should be assessed for osteoporosis and fracture risk?   There are three categories: We know who, let’s see „How?”

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CCFP Topic: Low Back Pain

Case Amanda is a 32 year old Search and Rescue Technician with the Royal Canadian Airforce based out of Canadian Forces Base – Comox here on the island. Two days ago, she was on a mission med-evacing a patient from…

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CCFP Topic: Lacerations

Lacerations come in many shapes and flavours – big ones, little ones, simple ones, dirty ones, bloody ones, complicated ones – . . .you get it. As family physicians we tend to encounter accidental lacerations (as opposed to incisions of…

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CCFP Topics: Joint Disorders – Part One

Written By: Sarah Vincent (PGY1 FM, Memorial University) and Kelly Mitchelmore (also PGY1 FM, Memorial University) Expert Review By: Dr Sean Hamilton, Head of Rheumatology for Eastern Health in St Johns Newfoundland. Objectives 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 will…

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CCFP Topics: Insomnia

Written By: Shaila Gunn – PGY , Calgary AB Expert Review: Dr Darby Ewashina, ER Psychiatrist, Calgary AB @doc.darbs It is important that as family physicians, we learn to not only diagnose insomnia but learn to counsel patients in the…

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CCFP Topic: Infertility

Sonja Poole with the wisdom of Dr Andrew Kotaska gives us an excellent episode covering all the CCFP wants you to know about Infertility.

History items, physical exam considerations, what labs are going to be useful, when to talk treatment…

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6 thoughts on “CCFP Exam 105 Key Topics Podcast

  1. Great podcast. One suggestion I have is to make this page (listing all episodes/show notes) easier to navigate. Currently as it is, it takes a ton of scrolling and pressing “load more posts” to get to where I want. The huge images on the side are largely to blame for this, but also having all episodes listed on one page would avoid the need to keep pressing “load more posts” to get to the older episodes.

    Overall, thanks for putting so much work into this. Very helpful, both the podcasts and the show notes.

    1. Hi Brian,

      We’ve reduced the number of words on the excerpts and shrunk the image thumbnail size, as well as increased the number of episodes shown per page.

      We can increase the number of episodes shown per page, but risk increasing loading times.

      Let us know if these tweaks are helpful or not. They are just stop gaps until we can find someone clever to revamp the site as we grow.

  2. Thanks for a great podcast. I just came across this new. Please take a look at the Curbsiders podcast webpage for suggestions. I agree this is still very cumbersome to scroll through.

    I have listened to a few episodes already and I admit I have been having difficulty with the voice of one of the hosts (male) – his tone and volume always fades away at the end of his sentences and makes it difficult to discern all the words he is saying. Maybe it is just me, but perhaps if others agree, would it be possible to speak more clearly as it can be difficult especially for non-native listeners?

    1. I should mention which episode I may be referring to – it is the gentleman physician on the personality disorders episode. Thanks!

    2. Hello, yes aware of this manneurism. Will try to stop fading off at the end and can aim to edit to boost the volume in these areas, hopefully this helps and thanks for listening 🙂

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