CCFP Topic: Periodic Health Assessment – Part 1

Like the 2020 guideline update publication, we’re gonna break things down into a few subtopics, which are: But before we dive too deeply into things, it’s helpful to know what the Periodic health exam actually is.. And what it isn’t. The term “periodic” is kind of vague, and that’s actually intentional. According to the canadianContinue reading “CCFP Topic: Periodic Health Assessment – Part 1”

CCFP Topic: Fractures

In this episode we e touch on everyone’s favourite clinical decision tools (shout out to our nation’s capital, Ottawa), a little bit about acute and ongoing pain management, age specific considerations (thinking about those salter-harris kiddos and osteoporotic grandmas). We won’t be talking specifically about the technical skills like fracture reduction and casting techniques, sinceContinue reading “CCFP Topic: Fractures”

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