CCFP Topic: Exam Tips with The Review Course!

  • Hosts: Eleanor Crawford and Caleb Dusdal
  • Guests: Drs Paul Dhillon and Simon Moore
    CCFP Exam and Medical Education Gurus and the Duo behind the Nation-Wide ‘The Review Course’.

Rather than specific key topic review today, we are very pleased to be able to bring you the gurus of the CCFP Exam and medical education in general, as well as the duo behind the nation-wide ‘The Review Course’.

Drink in the knowledge that these two gents have gathered over many years of teaching, examining and reviewing the CCFP Exam, both SOOs and SAMPs.

We discuss:

  • is oxygen considered a medication or a treatment?
  • what should the structure of my SOO approach be?
  • best ways to study?
  • exam accommodation tips?
  • plenty of dad jokes, and more

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