Other CFPC Websites

These are a few website and other sources of CFPC relevant information that we have come across.

If you know of another good source, let us know so we can add it here to help our colleagues,

99 Topics Wiki This was produced by the UBC FM Class in 2012. As a result, some may be out of date, but it seems a good idea and lots of crowd-sourced knowledge here.

FM Learner Unsure of the source for this exactly, but looks like similar info to the above, but nicely organized into systems.

Dr Bouchard 99 Topics is probably the most referenced source in this area. There is a nice succinct PDF of the topics available from the website. There are also podcast episodes covering a number of the topics.

Dr Kirlew also does a podcast on the 99 topics in an innovative fashion with lots of love from listeners. Give this one a try as well.

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