Our Team

We are a small team of new FM residents (and one IM resident!) throughout BC, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Hermeen Dhillon

PGY-2 – Surrey, BC

My name is Hermeen Dhillon and I’m a Family Medicine PGY-2 at the University of British Columbia.

Prior to medicine, I completed my BSc in Neurobiology and Psychology at UBC. Following this, I went on to pursue medicine at UBC as a part of the Northern Medical Program. 

I plan to maintain a full-scope practice working both with inpatients as a Hospitalist and with outpatients in a full-service family medicine clinic. Additionally, I have a keen interest in Addictions Medicine and Women’s Health and hope to incorporate these fields into my practice as well.

Caleb Dusdal

PGY-2 – Family Medicine – Calgary, AB

In a past life I was an Electrician, a Boiler Engineer, and Project Manager. My undergrad was in business and I love to continue to use business theory in public and non-profit organizations.

Medicine wise I am keen on acute care, emergency medicine, POCUS as well as external communications and would be interested in further pursuing organizational planning and management to leverage past life experience.

I am proud of Publication in the CFP around reduced mental health ER visits for aboriginal patients who had access to an Elder in Primary Care. As well as co-founding of Asa’s Adventures with my incredible colleague and release of our first Children’s picture book in both digital and paper formats. And of course the founding of this GenerEhlist website.

I am a (pre-pandemic) sourdough lover, 3rd wave coffee indulger, surf when I can, traveller and lover of ideas.

Thomsen D’hont

PGY-2 – Yellowknife, NWT

BSc Nipissing University, MD UBC Northern Medical Program

Thomsen is a first-year Family Medicine resident in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories with the University of Alberta.

Thomsen was born and raised in Yellowknife and is excited to be based in his hometown for residency training.

In his spare time, Thomsen enjoys hunting, cross country skiing, mountain and road biking, drinking espresso and play fighting with his adopted pitbull/lab cross, Jade. And doing all the above hobbies with his fiancée, co-resident and GenerEHlist contributor, Kajsa.

Chris Cochrane

PGY-2 – Medicine Hat, AB

I completed my BSc., MSc., and MD in Vancouver, BC before heading east to continue my journey in Southern Alberta.

I’m interested in event medicine, having provided care at several large triathlon races and created educational materials for these events, as well as POCUS and its everyday uses. Look out for videocasts on these topics!

I enjoy trail running, bicycle touring, kayaking, skate-skiing, ultimate frisbee and photography, as well as baking elaborate delicacies to help fuel my adventures. If you see me around ask about my bike tour from Vancouver to San Francisco, my self-guided kayak tour through Gwaii Haanas, or my 193km running race!

Kajsa Heyes

PGY-2 – Yellowknife Family Medicine – University of Alberta

Pre-medicine experiences include full-time cross-country ski racing, running and paddling expeditions, working as a barista and as a case manager at a women’s shelter. 

With what would look like major commitment issues to universities, I completed a 3-year undergraduate degree at 4 different institutions, finally graduating from Nipissing University with a triple minor in biology, chemistry and philosophy. I completed medical school at UBC’s Northern Medical Program in Prince George, where I loved just about every rotation I did. These broad experiences and a passion for general medicine helped guide me to rural family medicine Yellowknife, NWT. 

I enjoy doing all the outdoor things in all the seasons, gardening, home improvement projects, and coffee to keep me going.

Braedon Paul

PGY1 – Family Medicine – Victoria, BC

Growing up in Kamloops, BC, moving to Vancouver for medical school, and now living in Victoria for Family Medicine residency, my entire life has essentially been one slow journey westward.

My medical interests involve acute care and emergency medicine, addictions medicine, and medical education (especially the free online stuff! – #FOAMed).

In medical school, some of my prouder moments (aside from finally learning how to snowboard) include my PLOS publication about the use of cannabis among inner-city Vancouver’s street-involved youth, my four years and nine publications as a UBC Medical Journal Staff Writer, and a full-length pandemic-inspired music album that I co-wrote and recorded with a friend during our two-month medical school hiatus in the throes of COVID.   

Outside of medicine, I’m about as cliché Pacific Northwest as they come: I’m a big fan of playing and creating music (if the album didn’t already give that away), exploring the great outdoors, and checking out the local coffee shops and craft beer scene.

Want to help?

This project only works because of the efforts and passion of the volunteers that help make it what it is. If you have a desire to help in any capacity, do not hesitate to contact us and make yourself known.

Let us know what you think!

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