CCFP 105 Topics: Osteoporosis

  • Written By: Cezara-Maria Latcu
  • Peer Review By: Bianca-Mariana Baila FM PGY1
  • Episode Art By: Aikansha Chawla, ObGyn Resident

Check also the CCFP 105 Topics: Periodic Health Assessment Part One and Two episodes.   So, first things first: Who should be assessed for osteoporosis and fracture risk?   There are three categories:

  1. All women and men aged 65 or more;
  2. Adults aged 50-64 who are at high risk of fracture or have already experienced a fragility fracture;
  3. Younger adults under the age of 50 who are at high risk of fractures.

We know who, let’s see „How?”

Let us know what you think!

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