We continue to grow with core team members, but also invaluable contributors from across the country. Please see the growing list of incredible people who have made this project possible through their time and talents.

  • Dr Brandie Walker, Respirologist Clinician and Researcher – Calgary Alberta
    – Asthma CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Todd Hill, Psychologist and Director of Behavioural Medicine for UofC Family Medicine
    – Counselling CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Adrienne Stedford – PGY3 – Calgary AB
    – Dehydration CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Clare Whitehead, Paediatrician – Yellowknife NWT
    – Eating Disorders CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Amir Surmawala and Dr. Katherine Liu GP Palliative Care specialists at Foothills Hospital in Calgary Alberta
    – Palliative Care CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Jennifer Ringrose, Internist in Edmonton, AB
    – Hypertension CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Sean Hamilton, Rheumatology Lead, St Johns Newfoundland
    – Joint Disorders CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Abid Khattak, Psychiatrist – Abbotsford, British Columbia
    – Anxiety CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Kevin Duncan – EM Resident – Kelowna BC
    – Seizure CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Darby Ewashina, Psychiatrist – Calgary AB
    – Depression CCFP Topic Episode
    – Insomnia CCFP Topic Episode
    – Personality DIsorders CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Peter Johns, EM Physician and Vertigo Guru – Ottawa ON
    – Dizziness CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Babak Salamati – Sport Medicine Physician – Regina SK
    – Fractures CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Andrew Kotaska, Obstetrician in Yellowknife, NWT
    – Infertility CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Vanessa Rogers, GP Obstetrics, Alberta
  • Dr Nabeela Waja – Paediatrician – Chilliwack BC
    – Croup CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Karin Winston, Paediatric Endocrinology – Calgary AB
    – Diabetes CCFP Topic Episodes
  • Dr Bonita Sawatzky – an orthopaedics biomechanics researcher at iCORD spinal cord injury research center in BC
    – Disability CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Jordan Iannuzzi – GI Fellow – Calgary, Alberta
    – GI Bleed CCFP Topic Episode
  • Dr Meghan Smith, Ophthalmology PGY5, Edmonton
    – Red Eye CCFP Topic Episode

Episode Writer/Researchers

Work in Progress

Art and Infographics

  • Aikansha Chawla – MS4 – McMaster University
  • Priscilla Matthews – Medical Student – McMaster University
  • Shaila Gunn – FM Resident – Calgary AB
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