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All CCFP Topic Episodes

CCFP Topic: Heart Failure

CCFP Topics: Dizziness 2.0 – An Update With Dr Peter Johns

CCFP Topics: Hyperlipidemia

CCFP Topic: Headaches

CCFP Topics: Hypertension

CCFP Topic: Grief

CCFP Topic: Gastrointestinal Bleeds

CCFP Topic: Gender Specific Issues

CCFP Topic: Fractures

CCFP Topic: Fever

Bonus Episode: Patient Perspectives – Disability

CCFP Topic: Palliative Care

CCFP 105 Topic: Family Issues

CCFP Topic: Epistaxis

CCFP Topic: Disability

CCFP Topic: Earache

CCFP Topic: Fatigue

CCFP Topic: Elderly

CCFP Topic: Dyspepsia

CCFP Topic: Domestic Violence

CCFP Topic: Dizziness

CCFP Topic: Eating Disorders

CCFP Topic: Dysuria

CCFP Topic: Diabetes Part 2

CCFP Topic: Diabetes – Part 1

CCFP Topic: Difficult Patient

CCFP Topic: Dementia Part 2

CCFP Topic: Dementia Part 1

CCFP Topic: Diarrhea


All Obstetrics Episodes

Episode 11 : Induction of Labour

Episode 10 : The Newborn Exam Part 2

Episode 9 : The Newborn Exam – Part 1

Episode 8 : Emergency Contraception

Episode 7 : Placental Abnormalities

Episode 6 : Gestational Weight Gain, Diet, & Exercise Counselling in Pregnancy

Infectious Disease Screening in Pregnancy : Part 2

Infectious Disease Screening in Pregnancy: Part 1

MFM – Lite

Low Risk Obstetrics – Newborn Sleep

Low Risk Obstetrics – Postpartum Hemorrhage

Low Risk Obstetrics – Introduction

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