Episode Zero: Meet the Team!

Syncope = a brief loss of consciousness and postural tone that resolves spontaneously with a return to baseline neurological function within seconds or a few minutes. Presyncope = near LOC. Should be worked up the same as we know it portends a similar risk of downstream badness as syncope. presyncope is “I almost lost consciousness and then recovered” → more of acute thing. The final common pathway of syncope is the same regardless of the underlying cause. In general, 10 seconds of interrupted blood flow to the brain.
  1. CCFP 105 Topics: Loss of Consciousness
  2. CCFP 105 Topics: Tips and Tricks Updates – 2023
  3. CCFP 105 Topics: Immigrants
  4. CCFP 105 Topics: Loss of Weight
  5. CCFP 105 Topics: Renal Failure

A quick preamble on what our goals are for this CCFP Exam podcast and what to expect.

  1. Limited chatter, high concentration of relevant content
  2. Front load the new topics added this May to make it 105 key topics
  3. Presented under each of the objectives for each priority topic
  4. Aim is to keep each episode under 20 minutes

We also wanted to let each of the founding team members introduce themselves. Also see their bios and pictures here

  • Hermeen Dhillon
  • Thomsen D’hont
  • Sarah Donnelly
  • Kajsa Heyes
  • Caleb Dusdal
  • Chris Cochrane
  • Ravi Parhar

We are new to this, and we welcome your feedback.


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