Episode 10 : The Newborn Exam Part 2

  • Episode Written by : Kyla Freeman, Family Medicine PGY2
  • Episode Reviewed by : Dr. Trent Smith, Paediatrician
  • Hosts : Kyla Freeman, Patricia Massel, Caitlin Blewett
  • Episode art : Aikansha Chawla

Today’s episode is a continuation of Episode 9, where we delve into the details of the newborn exam, reviewing both the subtle and the serious findings you may come across. In Part 2, we cover the chest and down. We will review upper-limb birth traumas, approach to murmurs, the differential for increased work of breathing, emergent management of abdominal wall defects, the approach to the infant who has failed to void and/or pass meconium, and so much more. Enjoy!


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