Episode 9 : The Newborn Exam – Part 1

  • Episode Written By : Kyla Freeman PGY2 Rural Family Medicine
  • Episode Reviewed By : Dr. Ram Venkata, Paediatrician
  • Hosts : Kyla Freeman & Patricia Massel
  • Episode Art : Aikansha Chawla

Today’s episode and episode 10 will focus on the newborn exam. The newborn exam can be completed quickly, but careful attention needs to be paid for any abnormalities. With these episodes we hope to highlight common and critical abnormalities, the differentials for abnormal findings, and at times touch on workup and management. Part 1 is all about the head and face. We will talk about head shape and size, fontanelles, sutures, eyes, ears, and mouth. Part 2 tackles common birth trauma injuries, cardiac, respiratory, abdominal, genitourinary, and dermatologic conditions. Resource wise there will be one hand-out for both episodes.

References – Part 1

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