Low Risk Obstetrics – Newborn Sleep

  • Episode written by : Caitlin Blewett (MSI 4), with input from Helen van der Kooy (senior MSI)
  • Episode reviewed by: Dr. Breagh Phipps (Paediatrician)
  • Hosts: Kyla Freeman, Patricia Massel, Caitlin Blewett

In this episode we review some of the common questions around newborn sleep, safe sleep, and sleep training. An area mired with opinions, we have tried to present a balanced approach, with some interesting trivia points too! This episode draws on guiding statements from the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) and we also discuss some of the common deviations parents and caregivers may take from these guidelines and how to optimize safety in these situations.

Newborn Sleep Episode Show Notes:

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