CCFP Topics: Insomnia

Written By: Shaila Gunn – PGY , Calgary AB Expert Review: Dr Darby Ewashina, ER Psychiatrist, Calgary AB @doc.darbs It is important that as family physicians, we learn to not only diagnose insomnia but learn to counsel patients in the management, both behavioral and pharmacological. Insomnia is a common problem, impacting 35-50% of adults. However,Continue reading “CCFP Topics: Insomnia”

Episode 13 : Labour Dystocia

In today’s episode we sloooow it right down and go back to basics to review “what is labour” and when is labour prolonged or arrested? We will review the stages of labour as well as how to recognize and manage prolonged or obstructed labour in the first or second stage. We will also very brieflyContinue reading “Episode 13 : Labour Dystocia”

CCFP Topic: Infertility

Sonja Poole with the wisdom of Dr Andrew Kotaska gives us an excellent episode covering all the CCFP wants you to know about Infertility.

History items, physical exam considerations, what labs are going to be useful, when to talk treatment or adoption, what comorbid conditions to consider and what these will look like.

Episode 12 : Pelvic Floor Physio Pearls

Today’s episode is a little unique – Dr. Patricia Massel interviews Nicole Schmitt, a pelvic floor physio to get a whole bunch of tips and pearls about how to support your patient in pregnancy and post-partum with their pelvic floor concerns. They said they’d be 30 minutes, but you know of course it’s longer toContinue reading “Episode 12 : Pelvic Floor Physio Pearls”

CCFP Topic: Ischemic Disease

As a brief review, ischemic heart disease or coronary artery disease can be thought of as a spectrum that ranges from stable angina to unstable angina which may progress to myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death. As we know, stable angina is caused by luminal narrowing of coronary arteries whereas unstable angina is caused byContinue reading “CCFP Topic: Ischemic Disease”

CCFP Topic: Exam Tips with The Review Course!

Hosts: Eleanor Crawford and Caleb Dusdal Guests: Drs Paul Dhillon and Simon MooreCCFP Exam and Medical Education Gurus and the Duo behind the Nation-Wide ‘The Review Course’. Rather than specific key topic review today, we are very pleased to be able to bring you the gurus of the CCFP Exam and medical education in general,Continue reading “CCFP Topic: Exam Tips with The Review Course!”

CCFP Topic: Heart Failure

Written By: Dr Chris Cochrane, and Dr Sarah Donnelly Reviewed By: Dr Kristin Dawson Heart failure can be confusing and nebulous, so we will do our best to break this down into the key definitions and clinical pearls you’ll need when seeing heart failure in clinic. A lot of today’s information will be coming fromContinue reading “CCFP Topic: Heart Failure”

Episode 11 : Induction of Labour

Episode Written by : Kyla Freema, PGY2 Family Medicine Episode Reviewed by : Elaine Godwin, Family Practice Low Risk Obstetrics Hosts : Kyla Freeman, Patricia Massel, Caitlin Blewett Image Art : Aikansha Chawla In today’s episode we will review the various agents that can be used to induce labour as well as indications and contraindicationsContinue reading “Episode 11 : Induction of Labour”

CCFP Topics: Hypertension

Written By: Dr Jessica Dawson Expert Review: Dr Jennifer Ringrose, Internist in Edmonton, AB Hypertension is one of those issues that we encounter every day in family practice, whether in the office or acute settings. Roughly one in four to one in five Canadian has hypertension. It is a top modifiable risk factor for cardiovascularContinue reading “CCFP Topics: Hypertension”

Episode 10 : The Newborn Exam Part 2

Episode Written by : Kyla Freeman, Family Medicine PGY2 Episode Reviewed by : Dr. Trent Smith, Paediatrician Hosts : Kyla Freeman, Patricia Massel, Caitlin Blewett Episode art : Aikansha Chawla Today’s episode is a continuation of Episode 9, where we delve into the details of the newborn exam, reviewing both the subtle and the seriousContinue reading “Episode 10 : The Newborn Exam Part 2”

CCFP Topic: Fractures

Written By: Braedon Paul – PGY1 Victoria, BC Expert Review By: Dr Babak Salamati, Sports Medicine Physician, Regina SK Artwork by: Aikansha Chawla In this episode we e touch on everyone’s favourite clinical decision tools (shout out to our nation’s capital, Ottawa), a little bit about acute and ongoing pain management, age specific considerations (thinkingContinue reading “CCFP Topic: Fractures”

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