Episode 18 : Gestational Diabetes & Neonatal Hypoglycemia

In today’s episode we review the basics of gestational diabetes screening and management. We also briefly discuss the newborn hypoglycemia screening protocol for infants born to gestational parents with diabetes and first steps of management.

Episode 17 : Establishing Effective Breastfeeding

In today’s episode we will review some tips around breastfeeding including how to give the breastfeeding pitch to expectant parents. We will review some common challenges parents face that can contribute to cessation of breastfeeding, such as concerns about breastfeeding logistics and supply. We will cover some breastfeeding norms and norms around infant weight gain.Continue reading “Episode 17 : Establishing Effective Breastfeeding”

Episode 16 : Hypertension & Preeclampsia

In this episode we dive into the hypertensive diseases of pregnancy. We will review the various hypertensive disorders, but our main focus will be on preeclampsia. We will go over screening, ASA starts, and calcium supplementation. We review the clinical presentation and diagnosis of preeclampsia with a nod to HELLP syndrome (see our Liver DiseaseContinue reading “Episode 16 : Hypertension & Preeclampsia”

CCFP Topic: Low Back Pain

Case Amanda is a 32 year old Search and Rescue Technician with the Royal Canadian Airforce based out of Canadian Forces Base – Comox here on the island. Two days ago, she was on a mission med-evacing a patient from a fishing vessel of the coast. She and her fellow SAR – Tech were ableContinue reading “CCFP Topic: Low Back Pain”

CCFP Topic: Lacerations

Lacerations come in many shapes and flavours – big ones, little ones, simple ones, dirty ones, bloody ones, complicated ones – . . .you get it. As family physicians we tend to encounter accidental lacerations (as opposed to incisions of our own making) most often in emergency medicine or urgent care, but we will alsoContinue reading “CCFP Topic: Lacerations”

Episode 15 : Liver Disease in Pregnancy

In this episode we review some of the liver diseases of pregnancy including cholestasis, HELLP syndrome, Acute Fatty Liver Disease of Pregnancy, Cholecystitis, and Hepatitis B and C. We hope this episode helps you broaden your differential when it comes to these patients as well as think about and recognize some rare, but serious liverContinue reading “Episode 15 : Liver Disease in Pregnancy”

CCFP Topic: Periodic Health Assessment – Part 1

Like the 2020 guideline update publication, we’re gonna break things down into a few subtopics, which are: But before we dive too deeply into things, it’s helpful to know what the Periodic health exam actually is.. And what it isn’t. The term “periodic” is kind of vague, and that’s actually intentional. According to the canadianContinue reading “CCFP Topic: Periodic Health Assessment – Part 1”

CCFP Topics: Joint Disorders – Part One

Written By: Sarah Vincent (PGY1 FM, Memorial University) and Kelly Mitchelmore (also PGY1 FM, Memorial University) Expert Review By: Dr Sean Hamilton, Head of Rheumatology for Eastern Health in St Johns Newfoundland. Objectives 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 will be covered with a case OBJECTIVE 1 In a patient presenting with joint pain, distinguishContinue reading “CCFP Topics: Joint Disorders – Part One”

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