CCFP Topics: Hypertension

Written By: Dr Jessica Dawson Expert Review: Dr Jennifer Ringrose, Internist in Edmonton, AB Hypertension is one of those issues that we encounter every day in family practice, whether in the office or acute settings. Roughly one in four to one in five Canadian has hypertension. It is a top modifiable risk factor for cardiovascularContinue reading “CCFP Topics: Hypertension”

Episode 10 : The Newborn Exam Part 2

Episode Written by : Kyla Freeman, Family Medicine PGY2 Episode Reviewed by : Dr. Trent Smith, Paediatrician Hosts : Kyla Freeman, Patricia Massel, Caitlin Blewett Episode art : Aikansha Chawla Today’s episode is a continuation of Episode 9, where we delve into the details of the newborn exam, reviewing both the subtle and the seriousContinue reading “Episode 10 : The Newborn Exam Part 2”

CCFP Topic: Fractures

Written By: Braedon Paul – PGY1 Victoria, BC Expert Review By: Dr Babak Salamati, Sports Medicine Physician, Regina SK Artwork by: Aikansha Chawla In this episode we e touch on everyone’s favourite clinical decision tools (shout out to our nation’s capital, Ottawa), a little bit about acute and ongoing pain management, age specific considerations (thinkingContinue reading “CCFP Topic: Fractures”

Episode 8 : Emergency Contraception

Episode Written By : Caitlin Blewett, MS4 Episode Reviewed By : Dr. Ashley Mucsi, OBGYN with a fellowship in Family Planning Hosts : Kyla Freeman (FM PGY2), Patricia Massel (FM PGY2), Caitlin Blewett (MS4) Art : Aikansha Chawla In today’s episode we are going to review the SOGC approved methods of emergency contraception in Canada.Continue reading “Episode 8 : Emergency Contraception”

Bonus Episode: Patient Perspectives – Disability

Written and Hosted By: Shaila Gunn MS4 – Vancouver Join Shaila Gunn in a wonderful discussion on the patient perspective of living with disability and experiences with Primary Care. A massive thank you to this episode’s guest Lynda Bennett

Episode 7 : Placental Abnormalities

Episode Written By : Patricia Massel, Rural Family Medicine PGY2 Episode Reviewed By : Charley Boyd, GP in Camrose, AB Hosts : Kyla Freeman (FM-PGY2), Patricia Massel (FM-PGY2), & Caitlin Blewett (MS4) Episode Art : Aikansha Chawla In today’s episode we explore the world of placental abnormalities. We will review placenta previa, acreta spectrum disorders,Continue reading “Episode 7 : Placental Abnormalities”

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