Low Risk Obstetrics

Low Risk Obstetrics

For a specialty of medicine that serves all aspects of life, one of those immutable aspects is human reproduction and all of the care and possible complications that come from it. Whether you ambition to have obstetrics care as a primary part of your practice, or just want to freshen up on some topics you may not have had to manage in quite awhile, this is the place for you.

We are so fortunate to have Dr Kyla Freeman, Dr Patricia Massel and (soon-to-be-Dr) Caitlin Blewett (MS 4) leading the charge on The GenerEhlist: Low Risk Obstetrics! Read on below, or subscribe to the podcast with your favourite podcast catcher.

Latest Obstetrics Episodes

MFM – Lite

Hypertension, Preeclampsia, Birth Intervals after C-Section, Prior Preterm Birth, & Pre-existing Thyroid Disease Episode Written By : Kyla Freeman, Rural Family Medicine PGY2 Episode Reviewed By : Dr. Megan Cuthbertson Hosts : Kyla Freeman, Patricia Massel, Catilin Blewett Episode Art : Aikansha Chawla In this episode we hope to provide a brief overview of aContinue reading “MFM – Lite”

Newborn Sleep

Episode written by : Caitlin Blewett (MSI 4), with input from Helen van der Kooy (senior MSI) Episode reviewed by: Dr. Breagh Phipps (Paediatrician) Hosts: Kyla Freeman, Patricia Massel, Caitlin Blewett In this episode we review some of the common questions around newborn sleep, safe sleep, and sleep training. An area mired with opinions, weContinue reading “Newborn Sleep”

Low Risk Obstetrics – Postpartum Hemorrhage

Written by: Dr. Kyla Freeman (Family Medicine Resident, PGY1) Expert reviewed by: Dr. Nicole Ebert (OSS trained rural Family Doctor) Hosts: Kyla Freeman, Patricia Massel, Caitlin Blewett The goal of this episode is to review the key risk factors and management steps for postpartum hemorrhage. We will cover the basics that all maternity care providersContinue reading “Low Risk Obstetrics – Postpartum Hemorrhage”

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