Episode 17 : Establishing Effective Breastfeeding

In today’s episode we will review some tips around breastfeeding including how to give the breastfeeding pitch to expectant parents. We will review some common challenges parents face that can contribute to cessation of breastfeeding, such as concerns about breastfeeding logistics and supply. We will cover some breastfeeding norms and norms around infant weight gain.Continue reading “Episode 17 : Establishing Effective Breastfeeding”

Episode 12 : Pelvic Floor Physio Pearls

Today’s episode is a little unique – Dr. Patricia Massel interviews Nicole Schmitt, a pelvic floor physio to get a whole bunch of tips and pearls about how to support your patient in pregnancy and post-partum with their pelvic floor concerns. They said they’d be 30 minutes, but you know of course it’s longer toContinue reading “Episode 12 : Pelvic Floor Physio Pearls”

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